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Life at Escalante EEC

Winter Celebration 2022

Room 1 Performance 

Reindeer Pokey and Santa Claus Rock

Room 2 Performance 

Navidad Rock and I'm the Happiest Christmas Tree 

Feliz Navidad with students and families from Room 1 and 2

Room 4 Performance 

Reindeer Pokey and Christmas Freeze Dance 

Room 6 Performance 

Wiggly Wiggly Christmas and Santa Claus Rock

El Baile de Santa Clos with students and families Room 4 and 6


Room 3 Performance 

Room 7 Performance

Room 5  Performance 

Room 3, 5 and 7 Snowman Snowman what do you see?


Beautification Day 2022

SPLASH day 2022

Cinco de mayo celebration/ Celebración de  Cinco de Mayo

Room 1

Room 2

Room 4

Room 5

Room 6

Room 7

Virtual Open House 

Week of the young child/ SEMANA DEL NIÑO

Room 1 " The Chicken Dance"

Room 2 " The Freeze Dance"

Room 4 "Shake our Sillies Out"

Room 5 "Shake"

Room 6 "Yes, I can!

Room 7 " Color Freeze"

Having fun making bubbles

Virtual Back to School Night 

2021 Harvest Festival  

Winter Celebration 2021

Room 1 Reindeer Hokey Pokey
Room 2 Santa Claus Rock
Room 4 Dancing Christmas Tree
Room 5 Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
Room 6 Wiggle Wiggle Christmas
Room 7 The Christmas Freeze